Explore your organization from the comfort of your mobile devices*.

Know what's on everyone's plate and delegate tasks more effectively.

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Managers, increase team visibility & visualize your work.

Oversee everything from a dynamic interface. This is your organization's HR map.

Organizational insight
Viewing detailed information about your team from a wider perspective helps you form the right mental model when making decisions for your organization. It's intuitive and quick.
Automated reminder
Define your organization's vision, mission, core values, and OrgEngine will remind everyone periodically.
Organizational transparency
Updating your chart regularly helps you gauge the overall health of your company. The chart will also stay relevent and useful for the rest of your organization.

Beyond org charts. Build driven, effective and adaptive organizations.

Improve your team management and coordination using our integrated tools to:

Organization structure
Communicate Goals, Mission, Vision
Establish team structure
A winning team needs a leader. A well designed structure promotes organizational alignment. A team structure is a framework and setting it early on can avoid painful conflict down the road.
Monitor documentations
Well organized
Simple process flow
Backed to the cloud
Document your business processes
Know what's on everyone's plate. Listing all tasks, defining and understanding your business processes goes a long way. Learn how to prioritize processes early.
Personal Reports
Well written job description
Assign and track KPI
Define everyone's role and responsibilities
Clear cut roles and responsibilities is key to accountability. Prevent blame game before it even begins. Redistribute and redelegate responsibilities as your organization evolves.
Personal Information
HR budget
Search internal talent
Keep track of your HR Resources
Allocate resources effectively. Identify waste and redistribute them to other functional business area that increases your ROI. Sometimes the best talent is already in your organization.

Creating your org chart is quick & simple!

1. Create organization chart

2. Add employee profile

3. Assign employee to position

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